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Black Like Me

Mar 19, 2024

Sandi Reinardy discusses how she and the Court Observer team have developed the program with the goal of holding the court accountable and advocating for a just system. Hear how it is unavoidable to see the impact of race in the courtroom and sentencing process. Sandi shares how the data they collect is used and how the system responds to information they gather. She also explains some of the biggest issues for those encountering a courtroom and what changes she would mandate for judges.

Aaron informs the conversation with his experience of being in front of a judge and having the decision impact the rest of his life. He shares passionately about the disparity in how bail is used to maintain class and race lines, where some are privileged over others. They also brainstorm how they can all build on what they are already doing and use their resources and networks to create systemic change.

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