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Black Like Me

Nov 27, 2018

The table gets turned on Dr. Alex Gee as his friends, Aaron Hicks and Jerome Dillard, join him in the studio to ask him whatever they want. Nothing is off limits. The interview covers a range of topics from the hilarious to the insightful. Learn more about Dr. Gee's career and his legacy. And of course there are still...

Nov 20, 2018

Dr. Alex Gee talks with Aaron Perry, recently honored by Time Magazine as one of the Top 50 Most Influential People in Health Care of 2018. Aaron shares his own story of health improvement that led him to open a health center in his barbershop. 

Find out more about Aaron Perry and his work:

Nov 13, 2018

Dr. Alex Gee has a powerful conversation with the great great nephew of General Robert E. Lee about how he has become a White Alley of the African American community. Reverend Rob Lee IV is a public theologian, lecturer, and author that has taken a public stand against systems of oppression and speaks honestly about...

Nov 6, 2018

On this fun episode, Dr. Alex Gee gets the Millennial perspective on some recent issues as he talks with fellow podcasters from Chicago, Kellen Reeves and Will Horne. And of course, Dr. Gee gets to ask some White and Black Ice Breakers.

Check out The Wild Wild World Podcast for more of Will and Kellen: 


Nov 1, 2018

Dr. Alex Gee reflects on the recent tragic event at the Tree of Life Synagogue and offers his solidarity with the Jewish community. Gee recently spoke at a local vigil among the faith community.