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Black Like Me

Feb 20, 2024

Dr. Karen Reece explains Justified Anger's  innovative research and strategic approach to Justice centered systems change work. As Justified Anger took off as a movement, Dr. Reece gives insight into the funding of Black-led organizations and the struggle to create long term solutions and change. 

Dr. Reece clarifies the difference between quantitative vs qualitative analysis for the kind of work that Justified Anger does. Though it can be harder capture the data, qualitative data gives a deeper understanding of the change that is accomplished. 

Dr. Reece explains how she considers Ripple Effects as a way to show the impact of Justified Anger's work. Ripple Effects looks at how people who are learning and being changed by contact with the Justified Anger initiative are enacting change in their spheres of influence, whether it is at the interpersonal, business, or community level.

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