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Black Like Me

May 18, 2021

Dr. Alex Gee welcomes back to the show Tyler Nylen, former Black Like Me podcast manager, to answer some questions we know you have been wanting the answers to. Tyler Nylen is joined by his good friend, Joel Ballivian, to bring a philosophical and theoretical perspective to systemic racism, Critical Race Theory, and talking to other white people about racism. These two white men discuss some hard questions in the current racial justice environment. Is systemic racism actually real? What are white people afraid of believing in white privilege or systemic racism? What are people saying when they accuse someone like Dr. Gee as a promoter of Critical Race Theory? Also, listen in to hear if these two white guys pass the Black Ice Breaker test?

Social Psychologist Brian Lowery on Privilege

The Invisibility of White Privilege with Brian Lowery, PhD (Audio interview)