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Black Like Me

Apr 19, 2022

Dr. Gee and Lance Davis connect over their shared experience of time in Ghana. Lance Davis talks about his long journey back to Ghana and the old but paradigm-shattering truths he found along the way. Now for over 20 years, Davis has done work with villages, water, and gold in Ghana. Hear what it means to lead African-Americans back home.

In 2003, Bishop Lance Davis established New Zion Christian Fellowship, now New Zion Covenant, in Dolton, Illinois. In addition to these ministries, Bishop Davis is the founder and Executive Director of Building Our Own Community (BOOC), Inc. which is established in the United States and in Ghana, West Africa. Bishop Davis also established Sankofa Ventures Management, Inc., an international company operating in Ghana, West Africa to create job opportunities for men and women locally and abroad.

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