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Black Like Me

Aug 20, 2020

Because of recent events that are bringing greater attention to issues that impact African Americans, Black Like Me is highlighting past episodes that are relevant to the current national conversation.

Dr. Alex Gee interviews Ben Wikler, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, about the power of Wisconsin politics for America and the world. The discussion covers the potential of the Black vote, the need for Black wealth, and practical ways to make an impact.

Ben has spent his life fighting for economic, social, and racial justice. In his work, most recently for the progressive group, Ben has played a leadership role in some of the most critical political fights of recent years. From a young age, Ben has been driven by a passion for change and inspired by Wisconsin's progressive tradition. Ben worked nationally for climate change, peace, human rights, and many other issues. As MoveOn's Washington, DC director, Ben worked closely with the Obama White House, served as a surrogate for Bernie Sanders, and helped raise millions of dollars for grassroots organizing to elect Hillary Clinton.